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Thursday, 24 June 2010


I placed this on pre-order from Amazon a few months ago, as soon as I learned it was being released on CD for the first time, and it turned up today. Now I didn't buy this for the quality of the music (thankfully) but because I'm a huge Eastwood fan.

It's a really cool looking CD - Excellently packaged with the original cover notes on the back and a new essay inside from James Ritz.

This music is okay but Clint's no singer, though there is a certain charm to the songs and he manages to pull off one or two with style - but it's quite bizarre to hear Dirty Harry crooning about a bouquet of roses and even more surreal to hear The Man with No Voice pleading not to be fenced in.

So how does Clint sound? Well imagine Kenny Rogers after having his throat ripped out by a big ol grizz, and you'll have some idea.

Track List:
Bouquet of Roses
Along the Santa Fe Trail
The Last Round up
Sierra Nevada
Mexicali Rose
Searching for Somewhere
I'll love you more
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Twilight on the Trail
San Antonio Rose
Don't Fence me In
Cowboy Wedding Song

I guess the appeal of this CD is in the nostalgia rather than the quality of the music.

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