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Saturday, 26 June 2010


For the first time in 35 years, this evening will see Paul McCartney perform in Wales when he brings his concert tour to Cardiff's Millenium Stadium.

I'm psyched up for the show and didn't know I was going until this Thursday when a surprise ticket came my way. I've seen Macca twice - in 1989 at Wembley and I think in 2002 at Earl's Court, or was it 2003 - I can't remember. When it was announced he's be appearing at the Millenium Stadium I was all geared up for the show until I found how much the tickets were costing.

Anyway Thursday evening I get a phone call and my Dad informs me that there is a ticket going spare and do I want it? Do I - hell, yeah!

Expect a report on the gig tonight after I've seen a sixty eight year old man turn back the years - it'll be quite thrillington, no doubt.

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David Barber said...

That's a pretty great surprise, Gary. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!