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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


From Publishers Weekly:

At one time Bantam, Dell, and Ballantine were the major players in
mass market paperback, and now those imprints are being united into
one division under the Random House Publishing Group. The Ballantine
Bantam Dell unit will be overseen by Libby McGuire, who has been
named senior v-p and publisher. She will handle the hardcover and
mass market publishing programs for the imprints in her expanded
division, incorporating Ballantine, Bantam, Del Rey/Spectra,
Delacorte, Dell, ESPN Books, One World, Presidio, and Villard. Trade
paperback editions of these imprints will continue to be published
under Jane von Mehren, senior v-p, trade paperbacks. As a result of
the reorganization, Nita Taublib, executive v-p, publisher and editor-
in-chief of Bantam Dell is leaving the company. A company
spokesperson said no other positions are being eliminated.

The new BBD executive team is comprised of Jennifer Hershey who has
been named senior v-p, editor in chief; Scott Shannon will add the
additional title of publisher, Ballantine Bantam Dell Mass Market to
his current role as v-p, publisher, Del Rey/Spectra; and Kim Hovey
will become v-p associate publisher for Ballantine Bantam Dell. All
three will report to McGuire.

According to a memo from McGuire, Hershey "will lead our integrated
editorial department, working closely with me to shape our editorial
strategy and develop our publishing lists." The Ballantine, Del Rey
and Bantam editors will report to her while Ballantine editorial
director Linda Marrow and Bantam editorial director Kate Miciak will
report to McGuire.

In his new role, Shannon will oversee the Ballantine Bantam Dell mass
market program, as well as continue to lead Del Rey/Spectra. He will
also continue to lead RHPG's new IP creation and development group,
which is exploring digital initiatives and gaming development for the
Del Rey/Spectra list. Gina Wachtel, Bantam associate publisher, takes
on the new role of associate publisher, Bantam Ballantine Dell Mass
Market, reporting to Shannon. Hovey will now serve as associate
publisher for the Ballantine Bantam Dell list.

The Random spokesperson said the combination of the two groups will
enable RHPG to "better define our priorities." Any decision about
cutting lists will be up to McGuire.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Probably fewer books published, smaller ad bugets, and a number of other things that might not be good for writers. But streamlining is to be expected, I guess. Love that cover.