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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


It has been confirmed that Sam Shepard will play Butch Cassidy in the forthcoming movie, which is a sequel to the 1969 classic - the film assumes that Butch survived the Bolivia shoot-out and takes up the story there. Filming has now started. There is some historical supposition behind the screenplay and there has always been historical debate that both or one of the outlaws may have survived the Bolivia shoot-out. Looks like Sundance but the dust but Butch is alive and well.

Exciting times for the western genre - there are several high profile productions due over the next couple of years. The Coen's True Grit remake is well under way and, of course, Jonah Hex is imminent. What we want now is for the modern day western master, Clint Eastwood to say that he will direct one more western after all. Now that would be nice.

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Jeff Smith said...

So happy to see westerns being made. Just one successful one will keep the genre alive.

I'm still waiting for Spielberg, Eastwood or Harris to call me with an interest to shoot a film about Soapy Smith, naturally based on my new book, Alias Soapy Smith. Wouldn't that be sweet.