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Thursday, 25 March 2010


From the South Wales Echo: yesterday. This is basically a reprint, with some variations, of the piece that appeared in the Pontypridd News yesterday.

Next Friday - Good Friday - I will be appearing on BBC Radio Wales to talk about my books and the entire Black Horse range. I think that the station can be listened to worldwide on the BBC Radio website.

The producer asked me yesterday about music choices for my introduction and we decided to go with Rawhide - hey if it's good enough for Sir Clint the Best, then it's good enough for me. Tune in if you can on Good Friday, just after 3pm for some western chat with a Welsh accent


Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hey Gary,
I'll try to tune in via the Web. And Rawhide's a great tune to ride in on!

Best of luck with it.



Thanks Matt - I'll try and namecheck as many of us BHW guys and gals as possible.

Nik said...

You're clocking up some great publicity, Gary - well done! And I wish you well on the day.