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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Think you know the Jack the Ripper story?

Think again!

1904, South Wales and the most gruesome series of murders in history are about to be solved by a Welsh copper and an American Legend.

SOON -In eBook format from Solstice ...keep an eye on The Archive for further details.

This book has gone through the mill to get here - numerous rewrites, being picked up and then dropped by a publisher, being picked up by another who then ceased trading at the eleventh hour. And now I am especially pleased to have found another publisher - they are a new publishing house who fully intend to take the eBook market by storm. And believe me they're the business.

By the time the book is out there it will be almost two years ago since I wrote the opening words, and during that time I have seen it grow and develop into something, I believe, will entertain and thrill anyone who picks it up - something I am immensely proud of.

In the months leading up to the publication I will be posting several articles about the writing of this work - some anecdotes from my visit to London's Whitechapel, a few details of the visit I did to the local coroner, some interesting facts of history that I discovered during the research for this project and the great story of a Welshman I met with a very real connection to Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Circus - his grandfather, a true Native American remained behind when Buffalo Bills' Circus visited in 1904.

Anyway I hope you will allow me the indulgence of these articles - after all, it's not as if I won't be posting all the news, features and interviews that The Archive is gaining a reputation for.

So in best Western-Welsh fashion, It's high noon, boyo!


Randy Johnson said...

Looks and sounds interesting. Will I be able to download it to my computer? Or will it just be formatted for ebook readers.


It will be available straight to PC and Mac too

Nik said...

I like the look of the cover, Gary. Wishing you every success with APL.