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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


They may have got the facts a bit topsy-turvy but it's a good write up in the local newspaper. Click on any image for a readable version.

Arkansas Smith is actually my new book and Tarnished Star was the first. A Policeman's Lot will be out later this summer, but in all fairness it's a nice little piece. It was a kick to get higher billing than my MP on the front page and have a bigger write up inside - MP's are not the Archive's most favourite people at the moment. Mind you I would like to make it clear to any MP's reading that I'm sure you could swing a copy of Arkansas Smith on expenses, put it down as entertainment to be read next to the duck-house. Just a thought, guys!

The Jack The Ripper aspect of my forthcoming, A Policeman's Lot -actually available in eBook format late summer 2010 and in print around ten months later, has sparked their interest. The South Wales Echo - a paper that covers the entire region want to talk about the alleged Welsh Ripper connection that the book throws up. And local radio are requesting an interview.

Pretty exciting times indeed.


Matthew P. Mayo said...

Congrats, Gary! That is good news. You're hitting on all cylinders, as they say. Fantastic.


I.J. Parnham said...

Fare play! You can just picture the people at the paper trying to connect taxis and writing into a snappy title and coming up with Fare Play. It doesn't make sense, but heck at least they tried.

Well done!