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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Despite a slew of mild reviews, I'm looking forward to seeing the new version of The Wolfman. Apparently it's made in the style of the old gothic movies - a real script and a pace that lets the story unfold around the viewer.

We have become so familiar with futuristic computer generated imagery and the convulsive, excessive violence of film series like Saw and Hostel that perhaps this sombre Victorian mystery may seem a little tame and "old school" to a new audience, but for traditional horror fans, the return of The Wolf Man is worth a look.

Apparently it's made the way they used to make movies - now that's something worth looking forward to.

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Howard said...

Except it's not exactly, or at least not totally in that style. There are some decent attempts made but plenty of gore (intestines, heads flying) and the chase CGI is dreadfully obvious and pulled me right out of the movie. The lobo a lobo was a bit silly and obvious too. The change CGI was better. That aside, it's better than much of the horror offered up recently and comes close at times to hitting the target dead on. At other times it wanders, as if they couldn't quite decide whether to stay in the old gothic monster movie style, or cross into the dreaded teenager horror class of movie. I would recommend it, however. It's generally enjoyable, but better not to draw comparisons to the classic Chaney, Jr. original.