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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


You absolutely Couldn't Make it Up compiled by Jack Crossley and published by John Blake is a collection of absurd news items and facts from around the world. in the introduction to the book the author tells us to feel free in nicking his stuff and posting them on the Internet and so below are just a few of the stories that amused me.

Arrogant, rain-sodden, narrow minded, old fashioned, white skinned pacifist toffs. This is the British through the eyes of American students surveyed by the British Council. Most of the students couldn't name the four components of the British isles and one said, 'I think they kill each other less than we do.' THE TIMES NEWSPAPER

financial report into publisher Dora Kingsley in 1993 revealed that in American its most successful books were The Ultimate Sex Guide and the Magic of Sex. In the UK its biggest seller was the Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

For sale - Artificial Leg (Left). Suit tallish person with right leg only...The FREEAD'S NEWSPAPER

emove cap and push up bottom - Instructions on a roll up deodorant

The M61 in Lancashire was closed off after a four car collision. All of the cars were driven by policemen on a training exercise. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

hese are just a few of the hundreds of amusing entries in this book. You Absolutely Couldn't Make it Up by Jack Crossley. The link here is for Amazon which is included because they allow you a peek inside the book at the first few pages. If you like


Laurie said...

RE: the successful books...I should apply for dual citizenship. My two favorite hobbies.

Richard Prosch said...

Books like this are a lot of fun!


Laurie - I never would have thought you were interested in gardening - amazing!