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Friday, 20 November 2009

Arkansas Smith

Arkansas Smith is an enigma, a mystery man of the West. There are some that say he is an outlaw, a vicious killers but others who claim his hand is guided by good. Not much is known of his early life but we do know from letters left by his adopted mother, that he was born in the midst of an Indian attack. Indeed this newborn child was the only survivor of the massacre.

He may have been a Texas Ranger at one point and there is some evidence to support these claims but the only thing we know for sure he is that he lives a nomadic lifestyle and that trouble follows closely behind him.

March 30 2010 sees the publication of Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin, the first in the chronicles of the legend known as Arkansas Smith. The size of the print run is largely dictated by pre-orders and my previous novel, The Tarnished Star sold out several times. So why not pre-order now - no monies will be deducted from your bank until the book is ready to ship and you will be guaranteed your copy nice and early.

To pre-order CLICK HERE or simply click on the image in the sidebar of this blog.


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