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Friday, 23 October 2009

Western fiction news - Stephen Bly


By Stephen Bly


In the Old West, a person’s reputation often meant the difference between survival and death. So, it was a guarded commodity. For many cowboys, his reputation was the only thing of value he could rightly call his own. Lots of terms sprang up that described a man of good character. One of the more meaningful became the phrase “he’ll do to ride the river with,” the highest compliment paid to a cowman.

Back in the days of trail drives, cowboys had to swim thousands of heads of cattle across swollen and dangerous rivers. To make it across required riders of exceptional skill, courage, and level-headed thinking. You quickly learned who you could trust to ride those rivers with you.

We still look for that sort of companion. A good decision maker. Someone who seeks God’s wisdom. Keeps commitments. A friend who stays cool in a crisis. One who helps you cross the river of trials and troubles that intersect all our lives.

It’s not a bad goal for which to aim: become a person who’ll do to ride the river with.

On the trail,

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Randy Johnson said...

I received an autographed copy and a CD of cowboy poetry in the mail yesterday. It has been placed on top of the TBR pile.

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