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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Good news

Keith Chapman, AKA Chap O'Keefe wrote to the Archive to inform us that:


As you know, Yahoo's withdrawal of its GeoCities sites from October 26 has meant the book excerpts/samples I had for free reading online had to be relocated.

Last week, I shifted the lot to and got off to a good start when the Tainted Archive and Ian Parnham's Black Horse Express blog gave links to the chapter from the latest book, Faith and a Fast Gun.

Today I received an email from hosting service,, beginning:

Congrats - Your site with username chapokeefe is in the Top 1% of all sites created this week!
My thanks to everyone who has visited, and to yourself, Ian and anyone else who may have included a link at their blog.


The Archive says: That's the power of the wild west web!

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Mark E. said...

How cool is that?!