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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Do I look like a bloody terrorist????

I was challenged by the police today and told my activities could have terrorist implications - what was I doing, you ask. Well I was merely taking photographs of this interesting old building, a disused flour mill in fact, in Avonmouth near Bristol.

The conversation went like this:

Police: What are you doing, sir?

Me: I'm taking pictures of this interesting old building.

Police: Well you'll have to leave as your actions have terrorist implications. I won't make you delete the photographs but you'll have to leave.

Me: No you won't make me to delete the pictures. They are private property.

Police: If you refuse to move on I shall have no option but arrest you.

I then thought up some rude insults but decided against giving them voice. I tucked my camera under my arm and jumped back in the car. And this is not the first time I've been stopped when out and about with my camera. Talk about a free country - well you could but not in the same sentence as the words United Kingdom.

And just so you can see I was not in any way in a sensitive area this webpage shows the building and gives its grid reference HERE


Ben Willans said...

report them to the IPCC!


The IPCC is a load of bollocks mate!

Mister Roy said...

Outrage. A flour mill, ffs. No wonder photographers are campaigning on this issue.

Charles Gramlich said...

What idiocy