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Thursday, 29 October 2009


UPDATE 2012 - Arkansas Smith will be available as an eBook on April 30th - pre-order at Amazon now

There's a ultra early advance review of Arkansas Smith HERE.

Ms. Powers reviews an early draft of the novel and she seemed to like it.

"There is a sadness about Arkansas Smith that I found unsettling and yet compelling. He has a "void deep inside himself that felt on times like a cavity in his soul. It was a need for identity that would always be there and would never be fulfilled." He's a man of few words and when he smiles, it's a grim smile that hints at a lot of tragedies played out in the past. He is an enigma who keeps his personal history to himself and who doesn't offer up too many explanations. While we are caught up in the dilemma at hand, we are never allowed to forget that we are dealing with a mysterious man here who has a few bones to pick with the world. In the post-modern world, he would be diagnosed as clinically depressed. In the 19th century western, though, he's simply trying to deal with the hand that's been dealt him." Laurie's Wild West

It's out next March from Black Horse Westerns and can be pre-ordered now. Pre-ordering is always a good option as the size of the print run is often dictated by the pre-orders and no monies will be deducted from bank accounts until the book is on the way to you.

Pre-order Arkansas Smith HERE


Charles Gramlich said...

very nice!

Laurie Powers said...

I DID like it. I thought it was a great story and I plan on reading it again. And anyone who wants to know what it's about should go check it out on my blog.