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Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The Archive is taking a break for one week only and will return on Wed 23rd September, fully refreshed and ready to go. Today is the 16th September and already there has been 83 posts this month so there's plenty to read while we're gone. And if you missed the digital publishing first which was the publication on this blog of Keith Chapman's ultra rare Saint strip then check it out now.
Part 2
Part 1

Over the next few hours there'll be a new video promo going up in the sidebar which will link to this strip.

When the Archive returns October will be perilously close and we start a month of nothing but western posts leading up to the next Wild West Monday in November - so there's plenty to plan while the Archive is away. And soon we'll be gearing up for the launch of Arkansas Smith, my follow up to the successful Tarnished Star.

There'll also be news of the next THEMED WEEKEND - This time it's the Black Horse Western Range and we'll have an insane amount of interviews and features running over the weekend. You think The Saint weekend was busy - you ain't seen nothing yet.

Me I'll be using the time to finish up my contacted commission for BBC Books and also trying to get to the final stages of It's High Noon, Boyo (working title only) which will probably end up going under the title of, A Policeman's Lot. I've promised myself there'll be no internet use for a week - I've just got to get some work done.

So that's it - be here in 7 for more of the same


Charles Gramlich said...

I was wondering how in the world you were able to get much writing done given the number of times you post. Good to get away from it for a while.

Shauna Roberts said...

Hope you get all the work done you wanted, and more.

What is your BBC-commissioned book?