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Saturday, 29 August 2009


When the next western anthology from Express Westerns hits the shelves it will be a remarkable collection and not only for gathering together a bunch of fine western writers between the covers, but because newcomer, Peter Avarillo is actually the pen name for a sixteen year old British girl. The Archive wouldn't mind betting that this makes her the youngest writer to have a western in a professionally published book.

Western's run in the family because Chantel Foster is actually the granddaughter of Ray Foster, otherwise known as western writer, Jack Giles.

'Westerns have always been around at granddad's house. ' Chantel told the Tainted Archive. 'Books and films. When I went to live with granddad two years ago I began to take an interest. Watching films like 'Lonesome Dove' and 'Broken Trail' I could lose myself in the story. Then I began to look at books like George G Gilman's 'Edge'. I'm not a fan. But I do like 'Herne The Hunter'. Then I read Lance Howard's 'The Devil's Rider'. Oh, my God what a book. This had stuff in it that young people could relate to. I thought if only. Just before Christmas last year I found an interesting story about a western 'legend'. And I got an idea and wrote what was to become a good story.'

Apart from her western interest Chantel is into all the usual trappings of being a teenager. I wondered what her friends thought of her western writing?

'They laughed at first' Chantel says. ' But there are some closet western interests there. One boy in my class was surprised to find another person who read westerns. At the moment only my family know that my story is going to be published. The others can wait until I have the real thing in my hand.
Me and mum went down to Swansea market today and I brought back two carrier bags full of westerns. A lot by Max Brand. I need something to read when I get home this weekend.'

The Archive applauds Chantel and grandfather, Ray for guiding her towards some pretty darn fine reading habits and hopes that other young readers can follow her example and discover the western genre. But Chantel's inclusion in the forthcoming anthology really is a remarkable achievement. Having a grandfather who is well known in the western genre meant nothing during the selection process and Chantel's story had to stand on its own merits. And this is just one of the 21 stories of the old west that will fill the book to bursting. And and of course, as announced in the previous post, western legend, James Reasoner is penning the introduction.

'Wow. It's beginning to register with me,' Chantel says, 'that all the hard work has achieved something. Granddad believed in me. So did Nik Morton and Charlie Whipple (anthology editors). I will never be able to thank them enough.
I mean I'm going to be in the same book as some of my 'heroes'.
If you had the chance to appear on stage playing with 'The Beatles' I think you might have some idea how I feel.'

Thanks Chantel but is my Fabs fixation that obvious? Anyway I may have never appeared on stage with them but the Beatles Rock Star game is out on 9.9.09 so I can at least fantasise.

The complete line up is republished below:

DEAD MAN TALKING – Derek Rutherford
LONIGAN MUST DIE! – Ben Bridges (David Whitehead)
BILLY – Lance Howard (Howard Hopkins)
HALF A PIG – Matthew P Mayo
BLOODHOUND – Courtney Joyner
BIG ENOUGH – Chuck Tyrell (Charles T Whipple)
ONE DAY IN LIBERTY – Jack Giles (Ray Foster)
ON THE RUN – Alfred Wallon
THE GIMP – Jack Martin (Gary Dobbs)
VISITORS – Ross Morton (Nik Morton)
THE NIGHTHAWK – Michael D George
DARKE JUSTICE – Peter Avarillo (Chantel Foster)
ANGELO AND THE STRONGBOX – Cody Wells (Malcolm Davey)
THE PRIDE OF THE CROCKETTS – Evan Lewis (Dave Lewis)
CRIB GIRLS – Kit Churchill (Andrea Hughes)
MAN OF IRON – Chuck Tyrell (Charles T Whipple)
CASH LARAMIE AND THE MASKED DEVIL – Edward A Grainger (David Cranmer)

The first anthology - WHERE LEGENDS RIDE is still available and is just the thing to get you in the mood for the so far untitled second anthology.


Joanne Walpole said...

I too wrote westerns when I was at school and my friends all thought it was cool even though they weren't fans of the genre. So much so that 25 years later someone contacted me through Friends Reunited and asked do I still like Clint Eastwood and do I still write westerns?! How's that for a memory.

Joanne Walpole said...

Oh, BTW, I meant to actually say 'well done' to Chantel.

CTWhipple said...

Chantel worked very hard on her story and as editors Nik and I are more than happy her work qualified for the new anthology. Good work, Chantel. Keep it up.


Nik said...

Congratulations, Chantel. This is only the beginning. Lots of hard work and honing your undoubted skill will pay dividends. Keep writing, and remember that the best writing is rewriting! I look forward to seeing more Darke stories in the years to come...

Howard said...

Congratulations, Chantel! Welcome to the range! I can't wait to read your story. You go, girl! And thanks so much for the nice comments on Devil's Rider. I think this is absolutely wonderful you are carrying on the tradition. :)

andrea said...

Well done, Chantel. I bet this is the first of many published stories! (And I agree about Howard's books. They are amazing.)


Chap O'Keefe said...

Whatever you do, don't stop now, Chantel. But I'm sure you won't. . . .

Bobby Nash said...

I'm looking forward to reading your story, Chantel. Keep up the great work.


Paul Brazill said...

Now THAT looks like a cracking book!

Paul Brazill said...

oh, yes and congrats to Chantel. Brain like scrambled eggs these days!

Anonymous said...

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