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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


BHE Westerns, a new paperback imprint, looked to be floundering before she properly set sail - the intention was to put these slim paperbacks on the shelves at low prices, the way they used to be.

However the realities of modern publishing meant that the book was priced at a much higher rate than author and publisher, Chap O'keefe would have liked.

Chap O'keefe said, "I would like the book to sell on its merits, like its predecessors in the BHW range. These sell at around £3 more than £10, £1 less for a limited time on release . . . or like the last Lil book, Misfit Lil Cleans Up, not at all once no longer on the Hale website and listed by Amazon UK as: 'Currently unavailable we don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

However the book's out there now and offers great value for money - Misfit Lil and Chap O'Keefe are a popular team with previous adventures selling out within weeks of publication.

The book is now listed on Amazon. Com priced at a very reasonable $15.22. It's a lovely looking paperback original - Not only is it a good read but as the first BHE it could prove highly collectable - copies of out of print Chap O'keefe books can go for silly prices. For instance a copy of The Outlaw and the lady is being offered at the time of writing for $120.63.

Check out the listing HERE

And if a great action packed western with a favourite character isn't incentive enough to buy the book there's also a big cash prize which anyone buying the book will be eligible to win.

BHE Books are offering a big cash prize for one lucky reader. The competition will be held in conjunction with the next Wild West Monday and will be announced on The Tainted Archive. To qualify for entry you will need your email receipt for the book from Amazon, Lulu, Book Depository or other on-line retailer.

If this book is a success then it means that BHE will publish other paperback originals and Chap O'keefe has said that he'd like to throw the doors open to other writers. So come on folks...head over to Amazon and put in your order and take a chance of celebrating this Wild West Monday with a fistful of dollars.


David Cranmer said...

As soon as I can plug my laptop into a secure line I will be ordering my copy. I would like to see this succeed.

Chap O'Keefe said...

A tip for bargain-hunters! is currently listing the Joshua Dillard western Ride the Wild Country in the Dales edition for the special price of $10.01 (instead of $23.99). Buy it with Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope and you qualify for Amazon's FREE Super Saver Shipping.


Well Chap's always supported The Archive and we all want this new line to succeed - hey that's what Wild West Monday is all about, getting new westerns out there. And so for the mascot for Wild West Monday The Fourth is none other than Misfit Lil herself.

Laurie Powers said...

I'll be ordering a copy through Amazon - I've been hankering to spend this gift card I have.