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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Le western

The cowboy, the most durable and popular figure on the U.S. screen, has until recent years generally been dismissed by critics and film historians as an error of popular taste. But in French critical circles, the cowboy has long been regarded with deep solemnity. Many a longhaired Frenchman believes that the western film is Hollywood's finest achievement, a kind of national folklore in the making. In a flood of recently published books and articles, Europe's highbrow critics have been soberly examining the western and discovering in it virtues and complexities which even its most loyal fans never suspected it possessed... READ THE REST OF THE TIME ARTICLE HERE


Charles Gramlich said...

The French recently seem to have rediscovered Robert E. Howard as well, due partly to a friend of mine who is French and is promoting Howard. Sometimes they get it right.

Keith said...

That is an incredible article.