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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The Lone Ranger movie is due to go into immediate production even if the Lone Ranger has not yet been cast. Johnny Depp is onboard to play Tonto. The actor recently said his grandmother was full blooded Cherokee.

After the successful Broken Trails, Robert Duvall is to return to the westerns with a mini series centered on the Pony Express. 2010 will see the 150th anniversary and the mini-series will air during that time.

July 17th - 26th will see the Frontier Days celebrations return to Wyoming. The celebrations are planned to be the biggest ever and we hope to have someone on hand to record events for The Tainted Archive.

Another part of western history died this January when the Rocky Mountain News published its final issue. The News was said to be $16 million in debt. The newspaper published its first issue in 1859.

More good news for western fiction fans. Kerby Jackson reports that his western small press project is soon to come to fruition - "Submissions for “Six Guns & Shootouts” have been rolling in steadily and the first volume is now filled and is entering the editorial stage. If all goes as planned, it should be available sometime in August. I also have a few submissions of full length novels that look promising. The overall quality of the submitted work is quite high and there are some really top notch tales in the group. Meanwhile, though SG&S #2 and #3 are filling up, there is still space for both western fiction and non fiction. Those interested in submitting their work should visit:"

The fourth wild west monday will be 2nd November 2009 - find details on The Tainted


Kerby Jackson said...

Speaking of Johnny Depp, has anyone else seen "Dead Man"? I think it's his only Western (and was filmed on the Applegate River at a little isolated park about two miles down the road from me).

Johnny Depp playing Tonto sounds like a pretty strange choice, but I'll bet he pulls it off.

Gary, thanks for posting the Six Guns update here. If anyone wants to see what's in #1, they can pop on over.

Charles Gramlich said...

Johnny Depp as Tonto. Hum, I'd hate to have to be the Lone Ranger cast against him.