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Monday, 22 June 2009


West of the pecos
Directed by Edward Kelly

A pre mega stardom Robert Mitchum stars in this enjoyable though corny B-western which was adapted from the writings of the prolific Zane Grey.

The plot sees Colonel Lambeth moving West on his doctor's orders and taking with him his daughter, Rill and her maid. On the way their stage is held up and the bad men driven away by Pecos Smith (Mitchum) and his sidekick Chito played by Richard Martin.

The plot may be more worn than a cowboy's saddle but if the viewer is willing to enjoy it in the spirit of pure enjoyment then it delivers in spades. There is also a bit of pre-Brokeback Mountain hi-jinks that viewed today seems rather odd.

The film is available on DVD as part of a double bill with Nevada which was made a year earlier and also stars Robert Mitchum but here billed as Bob Mitchum. The disc is in a region 0 format and offered at a budget price. There has been some remastering and for a cheaply made B-movie the black and white pictures are crisp and clear.

Anyone expecting a realistic western will be dismayed but if the viewer is looking for a nostalgic slice of entertainment from a time when the western was king then you won't be disappointed.

It's the West of boyhood dreams.

I'll be reviewing the second movie on the disc, Nevada later.

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bARE-eYED sUN said...

Mitchum rules!

thanks again for a fun review will seek, search and watch!