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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Put the pen to paper.

I don't usually blog about the actual writing process but I though for a change I would . Trouble is talking about the actual physical effort of writing is boring - I mean what can you say? You're sat there at the keyboard, often staring at a blank page/screen and you stay like that for hours, maybe a little daydreaming, a lot of frustration and more coffee than is good for you.

There are scores of "How To" books out there that claim to help in every process of creating fiction - plots, names, characters. And yet none of them really help, none come to the rescue when your bogged down with a plot twist that refuses to budge and take the story forward. In fact most of them have a negative impact since the time wasted reading them could be better spent writing.

You want to be a writer, Stephen King says, then JUST WRITE.

You know I think he has a point.


I.J. Parnham said...

I presume King's sage bit of wisdom came from one of his 'How to write fiction' books such as On Writing.


It did indeed Ian - I love On Writing since it's for the large part not about "how to write" but more an autobiographical piece on King himself.

Charles Gramlich said...

I always find talk about writing pretty fascinating, but admittedly it's an insider's kind of thing. Most outsiders are probably bored to tears.

SOme of the best writing advice I ever read was in "A MOveable Feast" by Hemingway.

Laurie Powers said...

On Writing is actually the only Stephen King book I've ever read.

For the most part I agree with you guys, but there are some good books out there - for example, those that help unclog a writer's block with exercises. Charles brings up a good point. Sometimes just reading a brilliant writer like Hemingway will inspire me.