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Sunday, 28 June 2009

One day and counting

In one day I will officially become a published novelist - yep, June 30th is the official publication date for Tarnished Star even if the book is already available and people have been able to get it for the last two weeks. I'm still excited, though and I think tomorrow I'll get up extra early to celebrate.

It's an important event and one that any writer will, no doubt, remember fondly and so Tarnished Star is out there for anyone wanting some old style traditional western adventure.

And so I get back to The Tainted Archive and getting some great and varied content out there - this coming month sees the blogs first birthday and I intend to double the readership by this time next year so I'll have to get my thinking hat on. I do try and provide a entertaining mix of features and interviews and reviews.

And so here's to Tarnished Star - I hope it entertains and doesn't dissapoint any readers who give it a go. My second novel, Arkansas Smith will be out next March and so the blatent self promotion will start again before too long.

But seriously let me know what it is you like or dislike about The Tainted Archive so I can produce a blog that you just have to read.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me.


Jeff Smith said...

Gary, when I first started reading your blog's content and excellent writing I easily thought you had already published numerous manuscripts. Once again, congratulations on your first. Come August, it will be your turn to congratulate me on my first book published.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Hi Gary,
Just keep on with what you're doing--the blog's a great daily read. And congrats again on your first book!


Ray said...

Just like you the way you are, mate.