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Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson dead

I was never a fan of Michael Jackson's music - far too disco for me - but the man was a huge cultural icon. I'm also dubious about the two child molesting cases against him - to my mind these were motivated by financial greed. The first time he made an out of court settlement - now I don't think this would have been allowed were there any real evidence against him and if there was, well accepting the money is like saying, it's okay to do this as long as you pay. The second time he was acquitted.

Yeah he was strange and probably too close to children but only as another child would be. In fact from his actions and mannerisms it seems to suggest that he had never really matured himself and could only relate to children. He should have been protected and not thrown to the wolves that was the media witch hunt.

For all his wealth Jackson lived a troubled, sad and short life.

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Laurie Powers said...

Ooo, thanks for posting this video. The media has been showing only very short clips, which has made me want to see the whole thing.
We can say for certainty that Michael was too naive and too trusting and just wanted to be loved. Combine that with mega stardom and fortune and you have a disaster.