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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


After over 21 years comic lovers can once again buy Battle Picture Weekly on the newsagent's shelves - well sort of. Egmont Classic Comics in conjunction with W.H. Smith have just published a Battle Picture Weekly Souvenir Special.

The comic which costs £3.99 is for sale exclusively at W. H. Smiths. The company have more of these planned and have already published a Roy of the Rovers issue - next up is Misty and then Buster.

I and. I'm sure, other aging comic lovers would love to see the same things done for Eagle, Valiant, Tiger, Hotspur, Action, 2000ad and other books of our long departed youth.

The books are in standard magazine format and other than the fact that it would have been nice if they contained an historical article on respective titles, they are brilliant.

Love it.

Download a PDF about the titles planned HERE


Richard Prosch said...

Wow! These are great. Any way to get these in the United States?


Richard - not sure. Try the company web site. I'm sure they'll have some mail order service.