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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Writer's Blues

At the moment I'm baking with the writing - working on three projects and things are going really well, no sitting around scratching of the head while waiting for inspiration, no staring at blank pages for hours on end. Still an enforced break today as I head for a costume fitting for the third series of Larkrise to Candleford which starts shooting this June.

I've got a couple of hours motorway driving ahead of me which is hardly my favourite thing - but I've just bought Miles Davies' Bitches Brew so at least I'll get to groove along to some neat vibes on route.

June's gonna be a biggie for me this year - Larkrise starts (hope that pleases you, George), Wild West Monday and the launch of Tarnished Star.

Here's a pic from the set of BBC's Merlin

Check back later for more western centric fun.


David Cranmer said...

I have a hard time with some of the BREW album but "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down" is a favorite track and can be played back to back for hours. Enjoy. I'm listening to KIND OF BLUE myself.

Richard Prosch said...

David --I agree re: "Miles Runs..."
Saw you were listening to Diana Krall on your blog. While writing, I listen to jazz almost exclusively.
Most recently a string of Stan Getz.

Gary --what do you listen to while you write?


richard - while writing I usually have silence. Very rare do I listen to anything.

Richard Prosch said...


I can relate to that too. Everything I have on is instrumental --could never do vocals. In Stephen King's ON WRITING he mentions cranking up the old time rock and roll while typing --I can't imagine such distraction.

David Cranmer said...

Richard, Diana covers Stan Getz on her new album and I'm sure you would enjoy it.

(I usually have quiet Jazz playing in the background while I write.)


Not when I'm writing but generally I'm listening to more and more Jazz. That's the fault of David Cranmer and Chris from the much missed Louis L'amour project. My current fave is Chet Baker play it cool but anything Miles Davies is compelling.


David - I'm actually listening to the first disc of brew over and over - very experimental, both tracks. Avant Garde jazz you could say.