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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Jack Martin/Gary Dobbs News

First Edition Magazine will see the print debut of A Man Called Masters by Jack Martin.

The story will be in the fourth issue which should be in the shops for May 7th.

Also in May and under my own name Crimewav will podcast Rhondda Noir - I'm actually about to record the piece today. Sitting in my closet, better for acoustics don't you know.

And Beat to a Pulp will publish Jack Martin's The Devil's Right Hand sometime in June.

And of course June 3oth sees the publication of the Amazon and Book Depository chart topping The Tarnished Star - ORDER NOW


I.J. Parnham said...

Well done on that. I'm fairly sure I've seen that magazine in WH Smith, so I'll look out for it.

Paul Brazill said...

dead good.

Laurie Powers said...

congrats, Gary. Don't know if they sell it in the US tho....will have to do some investigating.