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Saturday, 25 April 2009


JOHN DODDS is offering his novel, Bone Machines, originally published in 2007, as a free e-book to download from his website - HERE.

Blurb - They suffer for his art. When a number of women are reported missing in Glasgow, the spectre of a previous spate of unsolved disappearances in the city rears its head. Journalist Ray Bissett is drawn into the case when his daughter joins the ranks of the missing. And ambitious police detective Tom Kendrick won’t let Ray forget a terrible incident form his past which resulted in the death of a young boy. Damaged lives and dark secrets… The streets of Glasgow haunted by the ghosts of the missing… and an artist driven by a deadly inspiration


Merelyme said...

This sounds really good!

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. I'm off to check this out. Thanks for the link.

Jakk54 said...

Hi, Garry,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for plugging my book. Hope people enjoy it.

John Dodds