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Sunday, 29 March 2009


Regular readers will have enjoyed the Archive's recent online publication of Chap O'Keefe's bestselling long out of print Black Horse Western, The Sheriff and The Widow. Anyone who missed it or are new to The Archive can find links to all four parts via the new sidebar on this blog.


Dominic Fox said...

Mondays won't be the same. You going to do this again?


Dominic - I am indeed. I am currently in talks for a number of out of print books.

David Cranmer said...

I have enjoyed the Chap O'Keefe story you have posted and ordered another online because of it. Maybe I'm biased because of Beat to a Pulp but when I see the huge number of folks reading our e-zine, I know that's good news for our authors. The beauty about the zines is that we're reaching a worldwide audience, free of charge and crossing genres. That's great exposure and it can translate to cash for these authors later down the road.

Dominic Fox said...

Cool. Hope you drop by my blog sometime.

Chap O'Keefe said...

All need not be lost, Dominic! At you will find online extracts from the last three Chap O'Keefe westerns. Though perhaps slightly less Gold Medal-ish in tone, you might enjoy them. Sadly, only Blast to Oblivion is still available for purchase through the Hale website. Even despite a reprint, A Gunfight Too Many is again out of stock. But all three books can probably be tracked down through various online booksellers. Shop around to see what prices and delivery options best suit.

As you know, Archavist is working hard with his pre-ordering campaign to see that the Jack Martin BHWs will not encounter supply problems. He has my support.

David has complete short stories from three BHW writers, Archavist (Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin), Jack Giles (Ray Foster) and myself, at Beat to a Pulp.