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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wild West Monday almost here

It's March and the Archive has just posted an entire month's worth of western posts, that's 76 posts in Feb and all western themed in the run up to Wild West Monday. We've had interviews, features, reviews and a massive book giveaway of which the results will be posted later today.

And there's more to come - tomorrow, Wild West Monday sees the start of the online publication of Chap O'Keefe's classic western novel, The Sheriff and the Widow.

So pop back later for the competition results and details of how you can take part in Wild West Monday.


Chris said...

Hey Gary, just requested that my local library purchase The Tarnished Star. Used the ISBN from Amazon. They're pretty good about responding to purchase requests—I'll let you know if they get it. Maybe they were already planning on it!


Thanks Chris - The library should have no problem and I hope you enjoy it.

Chris said...

Well, I'm also going to pick up my own copy. :)

You up for any guest reviews over on The Louis L'Amour Project? Your review of How the West Was Won gets hits every day! Would love for you to review a short story or book, whenever you get the chance. I would be glad to return the favor, too. Let me know what you think. Know you're busy, but the Archavist/Louis L'Amour Project combo is too sweet to pass up! LOL


Chris I'll think of something this week and get back to you on it. Thanks

Chris said...

Cool. Sounds good. I'll be thinking of something as well.

Anonymous said...

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