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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


This site will be of interest to readers and writers - a new site dedicated to writers who publish with the long respected Robert Hale LTD house.

American readers of the Archive have moaned how difficult and expensive it is to get Black Horse Westerns in the US. Well fear not - The Book Depository stocks all Hale westerns as well as other genres and does free postage worldwide.

Now there's no excuse not to dip into a rip roaring fresh off the press new western or romance or thriller or whatever else takes your fancy.

(pic - a frosty start to the day in my garden)


Chap O'Keefe said...

Really strange that you should post about The Book Depository. Yesterday I added it, complete with the free delivery worldwide slogan, to the list of online retailers at the end of the next Black Horse Extra, due to be finalized very shortly.

I'm also working on what I think is a really cool announcement for Wild West Monday. . . .

Now I knew that would get your attention! But no kidding, it'll be there just as soon as a son can spare me some time with his scanner.


Keith - yourself and Ray (JACK GILES) are giving so much help with Wild West Monday that I guess I'll have to name the other two characters. But NUFF said - that's really cool and I look forward to bringing it to the Archive's readers.

Next time you're in town I'll stand you a drink in the LAST CHANCE SALOON.


Oh and THE BOOK DEPOSITORY looks great - with free postage worldwide I'm hoping some of my readers in other parts of the world (I'm amazed how many different countries contain Archive readers) will sample the delights of Hale's western range.

Nik said...

Yes, I've been using the Book Depository for a couple of years out here in Spain. Another website who does free postage abroad is - worth a look too.
- Nik (LAST CHANCE SALOON no less!)


Thanks for the info Nik - please pull up a stool in the LAST CHANCE.