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Saturday, 31 January 2009


The western is gathering steam and making its online presence felt. The Archive fully supports SHORT BARREL FICTION. The blog run by the handsome fellow pictured, who goes by the online handle GnuBill, is dedicated to short western fiction and such like.

The blog was launched this week and the first story is by E E Tibbs and is titled the Reluctant Lawman. The Archive would like to welcome Gnubill to the online community of blogging western fans.

Lance Howard's excellent new Black Horse Title - Coyote Deadly is now available on Amazon, at libraries and in book stores and other online sellers. I recently read a early draft of the book and I must say it is up there with Howard's usual high standards. It's an excellent read from start to finish.

The blurb: When the Chulo brothers sweep into the town of Thanody, a town that has sworn off violence, all hell breaks loose.And when Marshal James Tredder calls in an old friend and manhunter Josh Dellin to track down the vicious killers known as the Prairie Wolves the West runs scarlet with blood.Within hours Josh find himself forced to confront a powerful land owner bent on covering up his sons' brutal raids and struggling to protect the life of a beautiful young woman who's the only witness to their foul deeds.

Highly recommended.

UK western fans should be rushing to the stores on Monday when Appaloosa is released on DVD. The movie, based on the Robert B. Parker book of the same name has recieved strong reviews but only got a limited UK cinema release.

Expect a review in the Archive next week.



Ray said...

Discovered Short Barrel Fiction earlier this morning.Certainly worth a look.

Steve M said...

I've seen Appaloosa I would say it's definately worth a look.

David Cranmer said...

Looks good. I will be checking out Short Barrel Fiction on a regular basis.

Paul Brazill said...

Thanks for the tip offf on Short Barrel Fiction. Looks smashin!