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Monday, 15 December 2008


David Cramer's new E-zine Beat The Pulp is now online. The first story comes from Patricia Abbott and is a corker. David plans to publish one new story a week and he's already taken a Jack Martin story, A Man Called Masters to be published in the new year.

A Man Called Masters was written about a year ago and sold to Western Fiction Magazine. The fee was paid me and then unfortunately the magazine went tits up before publication. It's going to be featured in a hardback anthology next Spring but it's publication on Beat The Pulp will be the first time anywhere. In fact it will mark my publication debut under the Jack Martin name.

Check out David's E-zine now.

The Tainted Archive wishes this online magazine a long and successful life.


Charles Gramlich said...

The first story was definitely a hard hitting piece.


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David Cranmer said...

A Man Called Masters is a great western and we are very proud to publish the first Jack Martin story. Masters will be our fourth story featured.