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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

TONTO 1955

This comic, billed as the Lone Ranger Companion is a good example of the quality artwork and storytelling that made the Dell name a giant with early comic book collectors.

The publishers details on the inside cover tells us that this is Tonto no 17 Nov-Jan 1955. It is published quarterly by Dell Publishing Co. Subscriptions are 40C a year domestic and 70C a year foreign.

I have reproduced the first strip here - the strip on the back cover is the finale of the second strip. The comic contained two full length stories.




Charles Gramlich said...

What I like here is that you're getting a lot of words with your pictures. The story feels meaty, as if you're getting a solid chuck of reading material. I like that.


I think Dell had more money during this period than a lot of other comic publishers and could afford better writers and artists.